Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I took this pic of the 'Needles' from 2500 feet just before entering a large cloud!

The Exhibition Stand

Advert for Phone Book

Price Info

Christmas advert for 'Splash' supplement (in Today's Pilot Mag)

Trial Flying Lesson voucher

Advert for Pilot Magazine

The following work was created for The Bournemouth Flying Club 'Re-brand'
The photography was all done by me.  The first thing I had to do was the exhibition stand for the Bournemouth Air Festival.  I created several adverts for various publications including 'Pilot' magazine, 'Splash' suppliment that is given out with 'Today's Pilot' and the phone books.  Corporate stationary was created and Trial Lesson Vouchers.

During the summer whilst away from the Arts Institute, I was strangely drawn in to some design work ay my place of work. The Bournemouth Flying Club was in the process of a 'rebrand' in order to attract new customers and to offer more to the exsisting ones.

The club had already had a new logo created by a design company 'up north' but upon learning that I 'tinkered' with design software and attended The Arts Institute, my employers decided to give me a try!!!

The work that I created mainly consisted of brochures, certificates, vouchers and exhibition material. I also did all of the website photography (including hanging out an aircraft window over the Isle of Wight). The exhibition stand was for The Bournemouth Airshow, where it was to be displayed on the seafront. This one was slightly stressful due to the printers messing up the Printing the day before the event! Anyway, this was all sorted and the event was a success!

This project was great because of my love for design and aeroplanes. It also allowed me to do a very 'live project' and to see my work being used.

Monday, 29 September 2008

29122008 Return to the Institute.

This is a slightly momentous occasion due to the fact that I have previously avoided using modern technology, in order to document what I do!  Thankyou Neil for making me do this!

On my way in to The Arts Institute this morning, I felt really nervous.  It took me back to my school days.  Surely when you get to 37 years of age, the feeling should ease up!  Anyway, now I am here I feel relieved and it's been great to meet everyone again.

Here's to the second year!