Thursday, 19 March 2009

Echo pic.

On my way to work I passed an accident.  I took this image that was used by the echo just after it happened.  It appeared in the newspaper and on the website.  The occupants (mother and baby) escaped but with serious injuries.  It was very misty at this particular time of day.     

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Crisis brief is done!

The layout is now printed for our submission to the D&AD brief.  Here is the result.  The actual key was placed on to the board with a short length of string.  Anna and myself are very happy with the result.  This has been a great project to do.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Yesterday at work, I met a chap by the name of Les, who was celebrating his 90th birthday with a trial flying lesson.  I had a chat with his friend Betty who told me that he was 'left behind' in Dunkirk during the war.  Apparently he had walked 1300 miles to get home.  Les had brought in the very boots that he wore for this amazing journey.  It was quite ironic that I had been talking to Kit on Monday about objects of relevance to my FMP project.  Not long after, I spoke to another club visitor.  Michael had been a worker in the Bourne Valley gasworks in Branksome when it was hit by an enemy aircraft during the war.  He told me that he was the only survivor from the canteen where the workers were eating during the hit.  I have taken telephone numbers so that I can interview these amazing people for my FMP.

Monday, 9 March 2009

WRL (Work Related Learning)

I have started to write for the WRL unit.  I have initially written a Career Plan but this will move onto the essay itself.  We have a meeting today with Kit at 1.30.

WRL (Work Related Learning)

Jamie Cullen has emailed Eden Frankham and the meeting has been arranged for tomorrow (10th March) at 1.30. This is good timing as we have the Hamish Muir lecture at 10.30 and CV session at 12.30.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


At work today, I have started to make progress in the hunt for Pilots who have flown during the war.  A few of my customers have given me the names of some possible contacts.  At this stage I would ideally like to find Pilots who have flown from the old wartime runways in the locality so that I can gather information on their experiences and to find out about connected stories.  I also wanted to practice some aerial photography and so I managed to jump aboard one of our aircraft that was outbound to Somerset.  I wanted to get a shot of the Cerne Giant near Dorchester.  The result is above.  The chalk giant has apparently been 'raked' recently.  He really looks like an Illustrator vector graphic!

I wonder who put the roller skates on him! (they were not 'shopped' on!)

The Restaurant Canvases

Here are the images that were requested for the restaurant.  My images were printed onto a canvas type material and stretched onto a wooden frame.  I have had a great deal of positive feedback from the customers, especially regarding the large aircraft image.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Reflection on the year so far......

It's coming up to the time for the PPRD hand-in.  I have taken a look at the work that I have done in the second year of Vis Com so far and wanted to reflect on this.

The live work that I have done this year has been varied.  Most of the work that I have done has been for my employer at the Flying Club.  The club had been re-branded with a new logo that was designed by an outside designer.  My employer didn't know that I could have done this for them. Once they knew what I could do, there was quite a bit of 'live brief' work given to me!

This consisted of:-

An exhibition stand for the Bournemouth Airshow
Club leaflets  (tri-fold)
Trial lesson certificates
Internal advertising for premises
Signs for outside the premises including liaising with the sign cutter
Aerial photography and other images for Website
New logo for the Social Club itself
Phonebook and Industry magazine advertising
Training material for Trainee Pilots (Powerpoint etc)
Images for the re-fitted restaurant (printed onto canvas screens)

In addition to this I have submitted work to the Dorset Business Awards (last year), The MAA brief, and I am still working with Anna on the D&AD Crisis brief.

Looking back on the year, I have enjoyed the briefs that I had undertaken.  The MAA was fun working as a team with Anna and Adam.  I was satisfied with the logo, but would have liked a little more time for the Web templates.  The Crisis brief is still live and we have worked hard to come up with a solution.  We were slow to start with, and really finding it hard to come up with an original idea.  We looked at many different possibilities, but eventually came up with the 'key' concept.  Getting the key made was made possible by the workshops on campus who let us use a laser-cutter to cut out the key itself.  We are now working on the poster to be submitted now that the key is complete.  Not long until the deadline!

Sometimes it can be hard when it comes to the coursework.  Life is pretty busy and getting the balance of work and study can be a challenge.  I feel happy with the way the course is going, but sometimes I feel that I lag a little!  I feel the help and support that I get is superb, especially when I get those 'brick wall' moments! Personally, I would also like to learn the software more and once the course has finished, I know that I will be able to do this.

We are now embarking on the Final Major Project.  I have come against some 'brick wall' moments but I am now going in a positive direction.

I now manage time better. I didn't realise how disorganized I was!  I now make notes of what I need to do each week and this certainly helps. 

CV (Updated)

I have now updated my CV for the PPRD hand-in.

Friday, 6 March 2009


I have printed off my portfolio work and just need to check over my C.V.  I have been running a Blog from the very start of the first year and have found this to be a great way to show what I have been doing at The Arts Institute.

WRL (Work Related Learning)

We are possibly meeting Eden Frankham on Tuesday as he has appointments on Monday.  Just awaiting confirmation.

Information Graphics

I have been looking at various information boards for displaying to tourists.  I particularly like this design.  I will be looking at other examples too.


After many days of waiting, the winning team has been announced for the MAA brief. Luke Carre and Chris Matthew have done it again! Well done guys!  

D&AD Crisis

Another shot for submission.  I am having a few problems getting a sharp image at close range.  The actual text on the keyring needs to be more legible!  I will go and have a chat with the photography department to see if they have a macro lens that I could use.  May have to do it next week as I need to prepare for the FMP crit this afternoon with Mike.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

D&AD Image

Today we had a go at the photography needed for the Crisis brief. Luckily Dan Hodson had a camera with him as I had left mine at home- Thanks Dan!


This is the key with the tag attached.  Anna and I need to photograph it and produce the printed material required for submission. Hopefully Dan will have his camera with him this afternoon so that we can complete the project.


I have been looking at Graphic Navigation Systems as part of the FNP.  I particularly like this book cover due to the simplistic shapes used within the design.

WRL (Work Related Learning)

Following our email to Eden Frankham, we have received a reply to say that he is happy to talk to us and we need to arrange a day that we can all go together.  Hopefully all of us can do the same day. Incidently, the group for FMP consists of Jamie Cullun, Jenny Cant, Chris and myself.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

CRISIS update.

I have spoken with Neil with regards to the Crisis Brief and myself and Anna will put together the images and text required for the poster.  We need to find a plastic keyring to complete the model key.

WRL (Work Related Learning)

On Tuesday, I met with fellow student Jamie Cullen in order to discuss possible visits to various design studios.  Jamie and I have a similar interest in the direction that we want to proceed. During the Vis Com course, I really enjoyed the Web Site creation and feel that this is a good route for me to pursue.  I also enjoy the photography and print elements of graphic design.  My original plan was to go 'freelance' after course completion, but I now feel that I would learn and benefit so much more by working for an employer first.  

We have sent an email to Eden Frankham, an ex student of  The AIB who has set up a business within The Enterprise Pavilion.  We hope to be able to visit him to find out how he went about setting up his business.  Hopefully we will hear back soon.

We will also see Hamish Muir (8VO) who will be at The AIB on the 10th March.

Our next group 'WRL' meeting will be on Monday 9th March,

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Other interesting structures from the air.


Today I have been looking at interesting buildings from the sky.  One of the structures that fascinate me are the 'Gasometers' that contain domestic gas.  These round tanks regulate the supply pressure to the homes in the vicinity.  The Gasometers are gradually being phased out due to the introduction of alternative storage solutions.  The Gasometers are deemed 'unsightly' by many, although some have been made 'listed buildings'.

Monday, 2 March 2009

WRL (Work Related Learning)

Today we had the second session with Kitt and Neil.  The group discussed visits to design companies that are relevant to our intended career paths.  We also discussed the ways that companies can be approached and the questions that can be asked.  It all about forward planning!
The group will also contact last years students in order to find out where they are working and how they arrived there.

We will meet again with Kitt next Monday at 13.30. 

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Club project completed.

I was asked to obtain images and to have them printed onto canvas for the New Bournemouth Flying Club restaurant.  The finished canvas prints were delivered to the club yesterday and were mounted on the walls.  The new manager of the club was really happy with the final result.  One of the images is in the reception area and looks superb.  It was printed 1000mm high (portrait).  I have had many complimentary remarks and feel satisfied the mission is complete! 

PPRD Portfolio

In preparation for the PPRD hand in, I have spent quite a bit of time preparing sheets that can be inserted into an A3 folder for submission.  I will print these out tomorrow morning at The Institute.  Once this is done, I will concentrate on the FMP.  I still feel uneasy about the FMP and need to do more research this week coming.  In addition, Anna and I will need to speak to Neil about the D&AD brief regarding our possible submission.  Time is flying by!