Wednesday, 4 March 2009

WRL (Work Related Learning)

On Tuesday, I met with fellow student Jamie Cullen in order to discuss possible visits to various design studios.  Jamie and I have a similar interest in the direction that we want to proceed. During the Vis Com course, I really enjoyed the Web Site creation and feel that this is a good route for me to pursue.  I also enjoy the photography and print elements of graphic design.  My original plan was to go 'freelance' after course completion, but I now feel that I would learn and benefit so much more by working for an employer first.  

We have sent an email to Eden Frankham, an ex student of  The AIB who has set up a business within The Enterprise Pavilion.  We hope to be able to visit him to find out how he went about setting up his business.  Hopefully we will hear back soon.

We will also see Hamish Muir (8VO) who will be at The AIB on the 10th March.

Our next group 'WRL' meeting will be on Monday 9th March,

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