Thursday, 12 March 2009


Yesterday at work, I met a chap by the name of Les, who was celebrating his 90th birthday with a trial flying lesson.  I had a chat with his friend Betty who told me that he was 'left behind' in Dunkirk during the war.  Apparently he had walked 1300 miles to get home.  Les had brought in the very boots that he wore for this amazing journey.  It was quite ironic that I had been talking to Kit on Monday about objects of relevance to my FMP project.  Not long after, I spoke to another club visitor.  Michael had been a worker in the Bourne Valley gasworks in Branksome when it was hit by an enemy aircraft during the war.  He told me that he was the only survivor from the canteen where the workers were eating during the hit.  I have taken telephone numbers so that I can interview these amazing people for my FMP.

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